Allan Hayslip - Composer, Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Engineer
 Gerald Iragorri
- Drums, Percussion
 Edward McMahon
- Guitars
 Paul Williams
- Tracking & Mixing Engineer, Guitars, Keyboards
 Colin Boyd
- Guitars, Tracking Engineer
 Jonathan Lacey
- Guitars, Composer
 Gregg Prickett
- Guitars
 Chad Stockslager
- Keyboards
 Stewart Bennett
- Tracking Engineer
 Tommy Moore
- Album Artwork
 Treehouse Recording
- Studio
 Warehouse Recording
- Studio
 Tomcast Recording
- Studio
 Summer Break Records
- Record Label



Allan Hayslip (vocals, bass guitar, guitars, tracking engineer, composer, producer) established Bonedome as the nom-de-rock for songs and performances that have never quite fit in his other bands. Although he wrote, performed and recorded material for SPAM, Crackbox, Vibrolux, Sixty-Six, Prince Jellyfish and The Big Guns, and even took a few turns singing songs in some of those bands, Thinktankubator comprises material developed under the influence of but outside these projects and other projects like Tablet, Sushi Gabor, Floor 13, the Barry Kooda Combo, and the Darren Kozelsky band, and with Allan as the primary singer.

Gerald Iragorri (drums, percussion) was Allan's primary working partner for Thinktankubator from its inception. Gerald and Allan spent a month of weekends tracking and tweaking the basic rhythm track arrangements from demos. If there is a consistent basic sound for Bonedome, it's because of the work done by Gerald and Allan early in the process. A graduate of Dallas' prestigious Arts Magnet, Gerald has studied with some of the finest jazz mentors, and has been playing professionally (and multi-instrumentally) in successful Dallas bands for over 2 decades, among them Zane Gray, Whild Peach, Methatone, Leroy Shakespeare & The Ship of Vibes, Arthur Riddles Quartet, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Junky Southern, and Prawn. Gerald & Allan started working together in the Rock Star Karaoke band, which, in addition to providing a little needed cash over the years, has provided a shared library of decades of material from which they have drawn in developing the Bonedome songs on Thinktankubator. Gerald and Allan also play together in the Barry Koooda Combo.

Edward McMahon (guitars) - Iowan Ed McMahon gravitated towards the music school and thriving jazz scene of Denton , Texas in the late 80's along with so many aspiring players. From there he found his way into a later iteration of Paul Slavens' Ten Hands (1993-1995). Not really cut out for the dayjob life, Ed has always been a "working musician," which translates to a wild and weird variety of pickup and session gigs over the years. In addition, Ed has played in Funktion Junktion, the Metal Shop band, Drive By Orchestra, as well as Reggie & Chad Rueffer's vastly underrated The HoChiMen, who shared a stage with Prince Jellyfish and gave Allan his first long, slightly uncomfortable look at Ed's amazing guitar playing. Ed would later replace Gregg Prickett in the Rock Star Karaoke band. Ed generously gave his time to put some of the guitar tracks on all but one of the songs on Thinktankubator, including signature passages in Fade Away and Red Flags R Trouble. Ed continues to do restaurant gigs with Tyla Taylor, session work, and is recording and performing with math-metal band The Better Death. There are unverified rumors that he was the King of Norway for 3 months in 1984, but he quit because he couldnít tolerate a public healthcare option.

Paul Williams (guitars, keys, tracking engineer, mixing engineer) - Paul Williams is a native Houstonian whose first real band effort worked out pretty well; Paul played with singer/songwriter Steven Holt in Mercury Records' rock band Tablet in the 90's, where he honed an already strong natural melodic sense. Tablet and Vibrolux shared the same management, so when Tablet needed a soundman for one tour or a bass player for another, Allan was a natural pick. Paul & Allan would later play together with Jeff Halbert and Tommy Watts in Sushi Gabor, which Paul left to become an assistant, then chief engineer at Last Beat Studios. Paul developed a powerful engineering skillset and helped make numerous local favorite records, including those by Sorta, Vibrolux (after their return from LA) and The Sparrows. Paul even performed on guitar and keys with Vibrolux, which included Kim Pendleton, Paul Quigg and Trey & Clay Pendergrass. After Last Beat was closed by it's owner Caron Barrett. Paul struck out as a freelance hired gun engineer/producer. He still finds time to play with the Bryan Wakeland band as well as the Homespun Remedies, whose respective albums he also helped make. When tracking in 2007, Paul offered some of his signature melodic guitar figures on several songs, including Better and Slow Jesus Xing. During mixing at Tom Bridwell's Tomcast studio he added in a few tambourine and organ parts.

Colin Boyd (guitars, tracking engineer) - Singer, recording-artist, producer, Colin Boyd is a rare chameleon who shits easily between the roles of frontman and sidmean. Colin is always received enthusiastically wherever he's found performing - and his songs... well, they've been recorded by a variety of musical artists. Jack Ingram, Kristin Garner, Monte Warden, Sara Hickman, Domestic Science Club, Big Twang - all are artists who've sung Boyd tunes. Colin and Allan became friends in the rock 'n' roll trenches of Rock Star Karaoke where Colin would frequently, fresh from his solo patio gig down the street, select and execute a perfect choice to restore some sanity to the evening. Colin pulled out his sweet vintage Tele for some choice parts on several songs, including The Other One and Red Flags R Trouble. Colin's several fantastic records can be found on the Happy Cat Records label, wherever you find the good stuff.

Jonathan Lacey (guitars, composer) - Jonathan's education in music started as a teenager, when he was welcomed into the Dallas music scene first as a photographer, then later as a guitarist in the 1984-era Barry Kooda Combo and the Cut Rate Toxins. Jonathan moved to New York City in the mid 80's, where he joined/formed the band that would become Warner/Giant recording artist The Beautiful. Jonthan returned to Dallas in the mid 90's, playing with early versions of Vibrolux. Later he and Allan became roomates, and were involved together in several projects inclulding Garland, F. Bean, and Prince Jellysfish. Several songs on Thinktankubator were written during, or at least inspired by this time. Jonathan and Allan developed "Steven" from the combination one of Jonathan's riffs and a set of lyrics Allan conceived during a bike ride home to Deep Ellum from The Gold Rush. Jonathan would later co-found (with Howard Kelley & Gregg Prickett) Rock Star Karaoke which Allan joined first as a soundman, then later as a bass player. Jonathan & Allan played together in the Punk Rock Dinosaurs (with Nervebreakers Barry Kooda & Mike Haskins, as well as Gerald) and currently also play together in the (2009) Barry Kooda Combo.

Gregg Prickett(guitars) - Gregg was nurtured in the mid-80's Dallas incubator that produced the Loco Gringos and The Buena Vistas. Gregg was the guitarist for The Buena Vistas for nearly a decade, beginning his never-ending accrual of guitar techinques and style. Never one to settle, Gregg was also simultaneously in 39 Powers and then Sixty-Six (with Allan, Bruce Alford, and Bill Longhorse). After the accidental demise of Sixty-Six, Gregg continued on with Bill Longhorse in the successful lounge act Mr. Pink, first on guitar, then bass, then Bass 6. Meanwhile Gregg joined Jonathan Lacey (The Beautiful), Mike Daane (Andy Timmons, Ugly Mustard), and Bryan Wakeland (Polyphonic Spree, Tripping Daisy) in the The Idiots, more homage than tribute to the Stooges. Gregg, Jonathan & Allan would join Earl Darling for rock band Prince Jellyfish. Meanwhile Gregg continued to cultivate his jazz chops while playing Shanghai Five. The culmination of this disciplined study was found in his compositions and leadership of neo-bebop jazz combo The Monks Of Saturnalia. In 2007 Gregg and his pack of wolves relocated to Chicago, where he has been doing pickup gigs and playing with Rabid Rabbit. Gregg recorded all the guitars on "I Can Lose You" on a return visit to Dallas in later 2007.

Chad Stockslager (keys) - Chad Stockslager made a name for himself in Budapest One the Denton/Dallas combo he shared with Keith Killoren. Chad came directly into Allan's sights when he made repeat performances at Rock Star Karaoke shows, where his verson of If I Had A Hammer would bring the house down. Chad can be seen regularly playing with The King Bucks, as well as with (Slobberbone successor band) The Drams and backing Danny Balis. Chad also teaches at Zounds Sounds. Chad's piano part on Custody Lullabye was so tasteful that several other backing tracks were dropped in favor of it. Chad also recorded a great organ part on an unreleased Yaz cover to be released later as part of a split single promotional package.

Stewart Bennett (tracking engineer) - Yes Stewart Bennett is an acclaimed FOH engineer for a very long list of high profile artists including John Mellencamp, Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Katie Perry, A Perfect Circle, Sum 41, John Fogerty, Seal, Beck, Christina Aguilera, Soundgarden and more. More importantly Stewart and Allan have been friends since high school, and, in addition to providing some much needed tracking help, Stewart is in a unique position to provide friendly, constructive consult and criticism using his exceptionally refined professional ears. There is no part of Thinktankubator that could've been completed without his input.

Tommy Moore (Album Artwork) - Tommy Moore Design Co is a spunky little graphic design studio located in downtown Chicago, IL. Tommy has 13+ years experience working on a variety of projects including music packaging, logo development, websites, print ads, billboards, signage, enhanced CD content and video editing. Prior to Chicago, Tommy was a lead designer for MGM Mirage. During his tenure at MGM Mirage, he executed design strategies for Cirque du Soleilís Alegria, Lord of the Dance, Jay Leno, George Carlin, Paul Anka, Chicago, Rodney Dangerfield, Jeff Foxworthy, and the Beach Boys along with marketing collateral for various MGM Mirage properties. Tommy was recommended to Allan by Tami Thomsen, GM of Kirtland Records, because Tommy does most of the work for Kirtland and it's bands. Tommy does a lot of work for other old friends in Dallas, too. Tommy still hasn't explained to Allan what the album artwork "means," and Allan still hasn't asked.

Treehouse Recording - Treehouse was formed a decade ago by musician Allan Hayslip and engineer Stewart Bennett with the objective of providing digital multi-track recording gear, primarily for live/remote recording. Stewart and Allan have re-invested all profits (and some more cash, too) into augmenting and improving the rental stock. Treehouse provided all recording gear for Thinktankubator including the first set of Tascam DA-78's (until the all eventually broke), the Tascam MX-2424, the Midas Venice 320 as well as outboard effects gear used for montioring and rough mixes, and a wide variety of outboard mic preamps, dynamics processing and accessories. Goat Hill Recording - By weekday, 3333 Harry Hines was a staid place, home of Eveready Services, where items were warehoused for Dallas' finest interior designers and their clients. By night and on weekends, Allan used it as a rehearsal and recording facility from 2003-2007. Jonathan Lacey, with Allan assisting, tracked and mixed the New Style American Boyfriends eponymous record here, and they tracked and mixed half of the Golden Falcons sole CD release here. The space was also used as a rehearsal space for Prince Jellyfish, the Rock Star Karaoke Band, the Punk Rock Dinosaurs, the Barry Kooda Combo, The Big Guns, and the Darren Kozelsky band. All basic tracking for Thinktankubator was done here, usually engineered by Allan Hayslip, but in some cases also by Stewart Bennett. Since the control room was not air-conditioned, Allan ended up engineering most of his own vocal tracks naked. The studio function ceased in 2007 after Eveready was notified that the building was slated for demolition and the lease would not be renewed. The building was almost immediately razed, but after 2 years nothing has yet been built.

Warehouse Recording - Eveready's new location 310 W. Mockingbird Lane, once the recording & rehearsing spaces were finally set up after several months of dormancy, provided the setting for the remaining guitar overdubs, Chad Stockslager's keys, and some more refined vocal recordings (with clothes on, because the control room is now air-conditioned). Colin Boyd, Stewart Bennett, and Paul Williams all pitched in to help complete the final vocal tracking. Stewart Bennett would also later mix a multi-track recording of The Sparrows, featuring the late Carter Albrecht, for use by the foundation set up in Carter's name.

Tomcast Recording - Tom Bridwell's studio, built into the back of his East Dallas home, has quickly established itself as one of the go-to places for high-value combinaton of equipment, instruments, and technology. Paul Williams completed the mixing of Thinktankubator at TomCast. The drums for "Girl One," originally tracked by Allan and Gerald using an experimental technique, were re-tracked by Gerald & Paul here using more conventional techniques.

Summer Break Records - is a small, independent Dallas label owned and operated by chronic music fans Robert Jenkins & Richard Winfield. The Summer Break Roster includes recordings by some of Dallas's best bands Sorta, The Sparrows, Salim Nourallah, Sarah Jaffe, Chris Holt, I Love Math, The Strange Boys, The Cutoff, Carter Albrecht, Here in Arms, Pleasant Grove, Rhett Miller, The Ranchero Brothers,& The Old 97's. Although Thinktankubator is the first record involving Bonedome or Allan, the shared history goes way back--Richard & Allan have known each other since middle school, when Allan's first band SPAM (which included Sorta's Trey Johnson on guitar) was Richard's training for music fandom. Robert and Allan share several mutual friends, since they attended the same high-school at the same time. The label's relationship to Thinktankubator is experimental--this is the first Summer Break release in which the artist (Allan Hayslip, via Bonedome) owns the copyright to the songs and the recordings, rather than the label owning the recordings. The objective of this new relationship structure is to maximize the use of the labels' infrastructure while staying well under the risk thresholds of all parties--hopefully, when and if opportunities arise for Bonedome and/or Thinktankubator, all parties will be able to approach each deal with great agility.